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Hey, I'm Terrian

I was the teen mom that had been drowning in debt before I even graduated high school.

I had my first child at the age of 18. Now, here I am at 30 with 3 amazing children who has kept me going at times I felt like giving up. After stressing over bills and debt, then experiencing repossessions and an eviction, I knew I couldn’t continue to live that way.

Last year, I started a Credit Repair Company called, Credit with Terrian. I learned how to repair my credit and created a business to help others financially transform their lives. Credit repair came second nature but something still didn’t feel right to me— I had to understand why debt felt so wrong.

A year goes by and I’m introduced to Consumer Laws! I haven’t looked back since. My goal here is to share my blueprint to the remedies I’ve discovered and help break down the information so that you can learn and apply them to your life.

It’s time to live free the way God intended!

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